•  Sunday January 10, 2021 - Sunday February 14, 2021

EPIPHANY: A Light to the Nations

The light of Jesus is for all people. From the Magi from distant nations, to children in the womb, to Simeon and Anna who never married or had kids, to the working class fisherman—every person from every background is invited to follow Jesus.

Join us in person or online for this season of Epiphany as we look to the light of Jesus that shines to all nations.


1/10 Following the Star of Jesus (Epiphany Sunday)

1/17 Joining in the Baptism of Jesus (The Baptism of Jesus)

1/24 Receiving the Invitation of Jesus (Sanctity of Life Sunday)

1/31 Waiting for the Light of Jesus (Jesus’ Presentation in the Temple)

2/7 Joining the Mission of Jesus (World Mission Sunday)

2/14 Seeing the Face of Jesus (Transfiguration Sunday)



HOUSE BLESSING: Join us in asking the Lord to make our homes places that shine the light of Jesus in our neighborhoods (SIGN UP HERE).

PODCAST: Epiphany from Word and Table, a podcast explaining what the season of Epiphany is about from two leaders in our wider church family in the Upper Midwest Diocese (CLICK HERE).

ARTICLE: Epiphany is a special season of the church year for City of Light. Read this article from Pastor Trevor as he describes what it means to be a City of Light in our city of Aurora (READ HERE).

SCRIPTURE READING: Read the Gospel of Mark in 30 days from January 17 - February 17. Download the reading plan (CLICK HERE).

Read one chapter every other day, read one of the sections below every day, or read several sections several times a week. At the beginning or end of the 30 days, try reading Mark in one sitting. It takes about 90 minutes.

Day 1: 1:1-1:31
Day 2: 1:32-2:12
Day 3: 2:13-3:12
Day 4: 3:13-35
Day 5: 4:1-20
Day 6: 4:21-41
Day 7: 5:1-20
Day 8: 5:21-43
Day 9: 6:1-29
Day 10: 6:30-56
Day 11: 7:1-23
Day 12: 7:24-8:9
Day 13: 8:10-38
Day 14: 9:1-29
Day 15: 9:30-50
Day 16: 10:1-27
Day 17: 10:28-52
Day 18: 11:1-26
Day 19: 11:27-12:17
Day 20: 12:18-44
Day 21: 13:1-27
Day 22: 13:28-14:9
Day 23: 14:10-31
Day 24: 14:32-52
Day 25: 14:53-72
Day 26: 15:1-20
Day 27: 15:21-41
Day 28: 15:42-16:8
Day 29: 16:9-20

About the Art

Our art for Epiphany is called FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS by John August Swanson. Swanson makes his home in Los Angeles, California, where he was born in 1938. His art reflects the strong heritage of storytelling he inherited from his Mexican mother and Swedish father. These include Bible stories and social celebrations such as attending the circus, the concert, and the opera.

More about this art
City of Light Church Aurora · Epiphany: A Light to the Nations


City on a Hill

This article base on a message given by Fr. Trevor on August 30, 2015. The new church had just been given the name City of Light, based on Isaiah 60 and Matthew 5, which is described below. I was also our first Sunday morning service in Hill Elementary, making us not only a City on a Hill, but a City in a Hill as well! 

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