Finding a new day in Jesus
Encontrando un nuevo día en Cristo

City of Light is a new church in downtown Aurora finding a new day in Jesus.

At City of Light, we want to help everyone to find a new day in Jesus, a new home in his church, and a new heart for our neighbors and neighborhoods. 

We are a church that is fully evangelical, fully sacramental, and full of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the power of Jesus to transform our lives, families, and communities through his church. 

If you’re looking for a safe place to be yourself, you’re welcome here, regardless of your background. Come visit! Read more about us here.


Sundays, 10am
Hill Elementary School
724 Pennsylvania Ave, Aurora, IL 60506

City Kids ministry is available for infants - 5th grade. 


Thanks for visiting City of Light! We'd love to let you know about a few ways that you can get more connected through our welcome lunch, groups, teams, and more. It is our prayer that City of Light will be a safe place for you to find a new day in Jesus. Click here to find out more.

Fr. Trevor & Pastor Bonnie McMaken

Our Podcast

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Sunday June 03, 2018 at 12:00 am

Ruth is an ancient story of a courageous woman who chooses to be faithful in the face of losing everything. Join us for this four-week study as we read about a widowed refugee who bears the hope of the Lord in her generation and for generations to come.

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CityKids Summer

Tuesday May 15, 2018 at 12:00 am

This summer, from June 3 - September 2, we will again be studying the Psalms in City Kids. We will have a new Psalms Journal with a Psalms selected for each week and we will be memorizing and singing the Psalms together.

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At City of Light we are committed to finding a new day in Jesus, a new home in His church, and a new heart for our neighbors and neighborhoods. Here are stories that have been shared of how the Lord has worked in many hearts, homes and neighborhoods.

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Your generosity helps many find a new day in Jesus, a new home in the church, and a new heart for our neighbors and neighborhoods! Find out more here.

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