Finding a new day in Jesus
Encontrando un nuevo día en Cristo

City of Light is a new church in downtown Aurora finding a new day in Jesus.

At City of Light, we want to help everyone to find a new day in Jesus, a new home in his church, and a new heart for our neighbors and neighborhoods. 

We are a church that is fully evangelical, fully sacramental, and full of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the power of Jesus to transform our lives, families, and communities through his church. 

If you’re looking for a safe place to be yourself, you’re welcome here, regardless of your background. Come visit! Read more about us here.


Sundays, 10am
Hill Elementary School
724 Pennsylvania Ave, Aurora, IL 60506

City Kids ministry is available for infants - 5th grade. 


Thanks for visiting City of Light! We'd love to let you know about a few ways that you can get more connected through our welcome lunch, groups, teams, and more. It is our prayer that City of Light will be a safe place for you to find a new day in Jesus. Click here to find out more.

Fr. Trevor & Pastor Bonnie McMaken

Our Podcast

Listen to the latest messages from City of Light or go back to listen again to a favorite. 

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Parish Lunch

Sunday April 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Join us after the service for soup and sandwiches. We’ll share Holy Week highlights and stories at our tables. Details on what food to bring coming soon. Want to help? Contact

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The Season of Easter

Sunday April 01, 2018 at 12:00 am

What did Jesus do and say after his resurrection? What does it mean for our life today that Christ is risen? Because he is alive, we can know his love, joy, presence, and promises in our lives. Join us in April as we follow the ancient tradition of celebrating the resurrection not only for a day, but for the season of Easter. 

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Your generosity helps many find a new day in Jesus, a new home in the church, and a new heart for our neighbors and neighborhoods! Find out more here.

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