The McMakens' Sabbatical

  •   May 04, 2019

This summer, our pastors Father Trevor and Pastor Bonnie and family will be on sabbatical from May 12 - August 11. Join us in praying for them in this season of rest! See below for prayer requests, their general schedule, and some of the books they are reading. What is a sabbatical? 

We are glad to have Deacon Casey Solgos, along with the staff and Parish Council, leading while the McMakens are away. 

You can find more details in the letter from the Parish Council below. 


Rest for our bodies, spirits, and minds  
Joy and connection in time together as a family 
Rich times of personal and family devotions 
Creative and artistic inspiration and renewal


May 12—Last Sunday before Sabbatical
Last Week of May—Mexico
June—Wisconsin with Matt Woodley 
July—Michigan at Trevor’s Parents 
August 11—First Sunday after Sabbatical


Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church by Mark DeYmaz (CLICK HERE)
As Kingfishers Catch Fire by Eugene H. Peterson (CLICK HERE)
The Next Worship: Glorifying God in a Diverse World by Sandra Maria Van Opstal (CLICK HERE)
Sacred Companions by David G. Benner (CLICK HERE)
Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World by A.J. Swoboda (CLICK HERE)

Download The McMakens' Sabbatical Prayer Card


February 27, 2019

We are glad to announce that the Parish Council and Bishop Stewart have recommended a sabbatical for Father Trevor and his family this summer. The purpose of this sabbatical is to provide rest and refocus for our pastors so that they can continue to be our pastors for many years to come.

The word and practice of a sabbatical comes from the Old Testament where God commands the people of Israel to keep not only a sabbath day on the 7th day but a sabbath year on the 7th year (Leviticus 25). In addition to this Biblical precedent, sabbaticals for clergy are considered a best practice in ministry for the long term health and sustainability of pastors and churches. An investment in their long-term health is an investment in the health of the church.  

Father Trevor joined the staff at Church of the Resurrection in 2007 and, according to Resurrection policy, would have been eligible for a sabbatical after 7 years of full-time ministry. After delaying his sabbatical for several years during the planting of City of Light, the Parish Council has recommended that the McMakens take a 12-week sabbatical during the summer of 2019. At that time, they will have served Resurrection for 8 years and City of Light for 4 years for a total of 12 years.

Because part of Father Trevor’s ministry was at Church of the Resurrection, Resurrection was eager to commit to supporting City of Light during the McMaken’s sabbatical through preaching,  pastoral care, and financial support.

We feel confident that with the leaders and staff of City of Light and with the support of Resurrection and our diocese, we will continue to grow and thrive during the McMakens’ sabbatical, and that they will return rested, rejuvenated, and ready to lead us into the next season of ministry at City of Light.

If you have any questions about the sabbatical, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of the Parish Council. Additionally, at the March 31 Parish Meeting, Father Trevor will share personally about their plans for the sabbatical.

In Christ,

City of Light Parish Council

Mark Peterson, Erika Solgos, Cory Whitehead, Margaret Philbrick, and Trevor McMaken


What are sabbaticals for?

They are for rest. In contrast to an academic sabbatical for the purpose of research or writing and a business sabbatical as part of a benefit package or productivity gain, a ministry sabbatical is a time to rest, connect with God, process the spiritual and emotional strain of the last years, and pray and listen to where the Lord is leading in the next years. Sometimes the term gets incorrectly used for a leave of absence, disciplinary action, or a study project, but biblical sabbath is about stepping away from work to connect with the Lord.

What are the dates of the Sabbatical?

May 12 - August 11. On Sunday, May 12 we will pray for the McMakens to send them into their sabbatical and when they return in August there will be a time to hear them share about their sabbatical.

Do the McMakens regularly take time in the summer for rest and study?

Yes. As part of their regular ministry rhythm, the McMakens take a weekly sabbath day and have spent between 3 - 4 weeks each summer in rest and study.

What will the McMakens be doing?

They will be resting from 12 years of ministry at Resurrection and 4 years planting City of Light. They will be worshipping as a family during the week and on Sundays. They will have time for prayer, Scripture, and refocus for the next vision season of where God is leading City of Light. They are creating a reading list and church visit list to begin imagining what God has next for City of Light.

Who will be leading City of Light during the sabbatical?

The Parish Council will continue its financial and resource oversight. Casey Solgos, who will, Lord willing, be ordained as a deacon this year, will be our pastoral leader. He and other leaders at City of Light, Resurrection, and our Diocese will preach and celebrate communion. Mark Meyers, our Worship Ministry Resident, will lead the music team along with City of Light worship leaders David Yeager and Sue Omanson.