Holy Week Teams

  •   March 11, 2020

Be a part of the Holy Week team as we devote time and space to following Jesus and inviting others to follow him. Throughout Holy Week, our many different teams are a part of helping many come and see the death and resurrection of Jesus

Contact Grace@cityoflightanglican.org for more details. 

Opportunities to serve include:

  • Welcome: help welcome and greet those who attend our Holy Week services
  • Setup & Takedown: help us setup and takedown our worship space at one of our services.
  • Visual Arts: help create and clean up visual arts pieces in our worship space
  • Door-to-Door Invitation: invite those in our Hill neighborhood to Holy Week.
  • Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt: get to know neighbors through an Easter Egg Hunt team.
  • City Kids: help our kids experience the death and resurrection of Jesus during Holy Week. 
  • Coffee & Food Prep: help prepare and cleanup coffee and food at our services.
  • Meal Prep for Teams: help prepare and setup meals for team members serving throughout Holy Week.

If you are interested in any of these teams, email Grace@cityoflightanglican.org, and a team leader will contact you soon with more information!