Mentoring at Hill Elementary

  •   August 10, 2016

Hi friends, I’m Cory Whitehead and I’m excited to announce a partnership between City of Light and Nancy Hill Elementary to begin a Kids’ Hope USA mentoring program at Hill this fall. I'll be serving as City of Light's director for that program. 

Kids’ Hope is an amazing, 20 year old, national organization that pairs one church together with one school to mentor at-risk kids. In Aurora alone, there are 11 partnerships and we’re the 12th!

The school staff recommends students that need extra support to us. We as a church provide mentors who come in once a week during the school day to work with one child for one hour. This can include reading with them, doing homework and games, and simply listening and talking to them and showing the love of Jesus.

We know the power of consistent mentoring relationships changes lives. I’ve seen it in the mentoring relationships I’ve developed, but I’ve also seen it specifically with friends that are Kids’ Hope mentors here in Aurora.

I have a friend, Marj, who says her mentee’s face brightens up every week when she arrives because she knows she’s special.

One friend, Gary, shared with me how his relationship with his mentee progressed—from being shy and unengaged the first few weeks to opening up and having teachers express how they’re seeing positive changes in the classroom.

Another friend, Lisa, now brings her Kids’ Hope mentee to church and to other fun activities.

God has clearly led us to the Hill neighborhood, and Kids’ Hope is such a special opportunity to get to know families in our neighborhood, help children learn and succeed, and show them they’re loved and valued.

This is something we must bathe in prayer. So not only are we looking for mentors, but prayer partners for each mentor and his or her student.

If this is something that gets your heart beating faster, will you prayerfully consider joining us and talking with me about more details? Join us from 12-1pm on Sunday, August 28 for an informational meeting to learn more about being a mentor or prayer partner this year or contact me for more information. 


Cory Whitehead

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