City Kids Prayer Card

  •   January 17, 2017

Throughout the Fall, the City Kids team worked together to create a prayer card, modeled after the one we use in our Sunday services. This prayer card serves as a weekly lesson structure for the kids and incorporates a variety of elements that help the kids engage the lesson.


  • Singing together—check out our Spotify playlist
  • Praying together for various needs and what God has placed on their hearts

Bible Stories

  • Hearing God's Word read aloud
  • Exploring Bible stories adapted for kids

.Liturgical Practices

  • Lighting a Christ Candle
  • Group Response Prayers, such as "The Lord be with you; And also with you."

Responding to the Story 

  • Wondering Together—taking time to wonder what a character in the story may have thought or felt, what an experience would have been like, etc. 
  • Activities to engage the story such as acting it out, partnering up to re-tell it, etc.

This card can be easily adapted to be used at home during family devotions. You can download the card here to use at home. We are excited for our City Kids to continue engaging God's Word and learning to tell others about it with this prayer card.