Holy Week

Walk with us through Holy Week at City of Light Anglican Church. During Holy Week we celebrate God’s love for us as we journey with Jesus through the final moments of his life, his death on the cross, and his resurrection from the grave. We would love to celebrate with you at our Holy Week gatherings.

Holy Week at City of Light
Sunday, March 25- Sunday, April 1
Hill Elementary, 724 Pennsylvania Ave.

(See below for details about each service.)

Holy week services

3/25 Palm Sunday — 10am Palm Sunday kicks off Holy Week with a celebratory outdoor procession that mirrors Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, creating a palpable excitement while foreshadowing the events to come.

3/29 Maundy Thursday at Church of the Resurrection — 7pm Join us at our sending church and cathedral, Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton (935 West Union Ave. Wheaton, IL) as we celebrate Maundy Thursday. Details here.

3/30 Stations of the Cross — 1pm In this ancient devotional service, we walk with Christ through the Biblical story of the last hours of his life and his death. The stations will begin and end in the Gym at Hill Elementary but will be outside for the rest of the service. Confession to a priest or leader will be offered at 2:30pm at Hill Elementary. Children welcome at stations and confession.

3/30 Good Friday Service — 7pm This service testifies to the mighty power of Jesus’ death on the Cross. There will be opportunities to pray at the cross and with prayer ministers. Childcare for children 5 and younger until Communion (approx. 8:30pm)

4/1 Easter Service — 10am Join us in the joy of celebrating that Jesus is risen through a service of traditional liturgy and contemporary excitement. Bring the entire family for the Holy Noise, beautiful music, communion, and refreshments after the service.

About City of Light

We are a new church in Aurora finding a new day in Jesus. We want to help everyone experience the radiant light of God, find a safe home in the church, and shine the light of Jesus by loving our neighbors and neighborhoods in the city of Aurora.

City of Light is a church that is fully evangelical, fully sacramental, and full of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the power of Jesus to transform our lives, families, and communities through his church.

A letter from Fr. Trevor

Dear City of Light Family,

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Savior! We are about to begin our first Holy Week together as a church family. While some of us have celebrated Holy Week this way before, for many of us it will be our first time celebrating these services.

Whatever your experience, I invite us altogether as the church to hallow this week—to set it apart as a holy time when we experience the presence of Jesus with us—because Jesus has already hallowed this week by his death and resurrection. These are not ordinary days, but days that have changed the world and our lives. 

The services and actions of Holy Week flow from one to another and are meant to be experienced together as a whole. You and your children do not want to miss any of the pieces of this journey, especially the ones you’ve never been to before. They are rooted in Scripture, practiced by the church across time and space, and full of the Spirit.

Here are some practices that may be new to you:

  • Palm Sunday Procession (Lk 19:28-40, Rev. 7:9)—We as the crowd honor Jesus as Lord, but moments later, we as the crowd shout crucify him. Jesus rose in glory, but first he had to enter into suffering. 
  • Maundy Thursday (John 13:1-17, 31b-35)— We participate in the institution of the Lord's Supper and we follow Jesus’ command to love one another as he washes his disciples' feet.
  • Stations of the Cross (From all 4 Gospels)—We walk with Jesus through the biblical story of his death from his arrest to laying his body in the tomb.
  • Good Friday Service (John 19:1-37)—We read the story of Jesus’ death, then lay the cross down on the ground so that we can touch it and pray at it. The act of touching the wood of the cross ministers the tangible reality of Jesus’ suffering and invites us to receive anew the forgiveness Jesus offers.
  • Easter (Luke 24:1-10)—We announce that Jesus is risen (He is risen indeed!) and celebrate that our lives are forever changed. Everyone is encouraged to bring bells to ring for the Holy Noise.

We all have worries and urgencies in our everyday lives. For one week, let those recede into the background so that we can immerse ourselves in the most urgent reality, the deepest truth—the kingdom of God. Let’s enter into what the early Christians called kairos—a “time outside of time” where we get a taste eternity that leaves us forever hungry for heaven.

Let us hallow this week when we walk with our Lord to share in his death and in his resurrection

Your Brother in Christ,

Fr. Trevor