Resurrection Witnesses

  •   Sunday April 04, 2021 from 12:00 am - Sunday May 16, 2021 12:00 am

Resurrection Witnesses

In the midst of grief and fear at the death of their friend, Mary and the other women find an empty tomb, a resurrected Jesus, and his joyful command to “go and tell the others!” Join us this season of Easter, as we come to Jesus with our own griefs and fears to become witnesses of the Resurrection to all peoples.

We will walk with Jesus as he uses simple, everyday practices to invite all people into his new life: he begins in prayer, listens, eats with others, serves others, and tells the story of God’s love for all people and all people groups and his plan to bring Resurrection life where there is death.

As we celebrate Easter and the coming of spring and summer when we can safely reconnect with others in our lives, we ask the Lord to ready us to go and tell others about how we have witnessed his Resurrection.

Join us on Sundays in person at 9:00am and 10:45am at 56 S. LaSalle or online ay 9:00am. Find Sunday Gathering info here.

Testigos de la Resurrección

En medio del dolor y temor por la muerte de su amigo, María y las otras mujeres encuentran una tumba vacía, un Jesús resucitado y su mandamiento gozoso de "¡ve y diselo a los demás!" Únase a nosotros en este tiempo de Pascua, y acerquémonos a Jesús y mostremos nuestros dolores y temores para convertirnos en testigos de la Resurrección para todas las naciones.

Caminemos con Jesús de manera práctica, simple y cotidianas para invitar a todos los que nos rodean a vivir una nueva vida: primero comencemos orando por ellos, escuchando sus necesidades, compartiendo alimentos, sirviendo a los que necesitan ayuda, cuenta la gran historia de amor que Dios tiene para todas las personas sin importar su color y raza, y el maravilloso plan de vida por medio de la resurrección donde hay muerte espiritual.

Mientras celebramos la Pascua y recibimos la primavera y el verano, veremos que se acerca el momento para poder saludarnos y abrazarnos con seguridad con las personas que más amamos, le pedimos al Señor Jesús que nos prepare para platicar el gozo de cómo hemos sido testigos de su resurrección.


4/4 WK1 EASTER SUNDAY: Go and Tell (Mark 16:1-8) — Pastor Trevor McMaken

4/11 WK2: Resurrection Witnesses (John 20:19-23) — Pastor Eduardo Dávila

4/18 WK 3: Resurrection Blessing (Luke 24:13-35) — Mark Meyers

4/25 WK4 GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY: Gifted Witnesses (John 10:11-16) — Pastor Trevor McMaken

5/2 WK5: Spirit-filled Witnesses (John 14:15-17, 25-27) — Pastor Trevor McMaken

5/9 WK6: Servant Witnesses (John 21:1-14) — Pastor Bonnie McMaken

5/16 WK7 ASCENSION: Witnesses to the Nations (Acts 1:1-11) — Pastor Eduardo Dávila



  • FRANC Prayer Card (Friends | Relatives | Acquaintances | Neighbors, | Coworkers)
  • BLESS (Begin with Prayer | Listen | Eat | Serve | Story)
    • Article on Making a Neighborhood Map and BLESS by Father Matt Woodley, Church of the Resurrection (Read)
    • Revive Plenary teaching from Father Rick Richardson, Cornerstone West Loop (Audio | Video)
    • Online resources from the Evangelical Covenant Church (English | Spanish)
  • TESTIMONY: This hour long exercise will help you reflect on your own story of faith. Try it on your own or with your household or group (Click here and then go to file/Make a copy)

Additional Resources

Evangelism Workshop

In February, Pastor Trevor hosted a zoom workshop with practical tools for evangelism including FRANC, BLESS and the 5 Thresholds, encouraging testimonies from men and women at City of Light, and time for prayer together for those far from God. Watch below and download notes HERE.

Watch here

Summer Ministry

This summer, we are excited to rejoice at being together and to invite others to join us. We will be gathering regularly as a church family and encouraging all of our households to be gathering with neighbors, friends, and others so that we can witness to the Resurrection of Jesus. If you want to be a part of ministry this summer, let Eduardo, our Pastor of Neighborhood and Latino Ministry know.

Email Pastor Eduardo

Resurrection Witnesses in Our Diocese

We are very excited to have developed and to be sharing this service with several other churches in our larger Anglican Church family, the Diocese of the Upper Midwest.

Restoration Anglican Church,
City of Light Iglesia | Church,
Cornerstone West Loop,
Cornerstone Bridgeport,
Aviva Church,
Christ Church Madison,
Church of the Resurrection,Wheaton,
Church of the Resurrection, Sioux Falls

Find out more about our Diocese here.