Parish Meeting

  •   Sunday March 31, 2019 from 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

As a newly fully-planted church, we are walking through the process of electing new Parish Council Members and affirming our annual budget for the first time! This yearly practice encourages collaboration between every member of the congregation and accountability for the leaders and finances of the church.

A key place that this happens is during our annual Parish Meeting, after the service from 12-1pm on Sunday, March 31 at Hill Elementary. The meeting is open to anyone and it is an expectation that every member household attend or have at least one representative present.



The parish is invited to make nominations for the Parish Council by emailing

The Parish Council provides prayerful oversight of church resources and support for the Rector and staff. Parish Council members serve 3-year terms that staggered so that each year new members are added and old members cycle off, providing continuity and new leaders. A Parish Council member will be:

  1. A Person of Character: Someone whose life exhibits the likeness of Jesus and the fruit of the Spirit.

  2. A Person of Prayer: Someone with a deep commitment to prayer and a practice of fasting and discernment.

  3. A Person of Service: Someone who is committed member of City of Light and is already involved in ministry and generosity.

The current Parish Council will review nominations, interview nominees, and select a final class of nominees for congregational approval at the Parish Meeting.


Each year, our staff and parish council work together to create a budget that is then presented to the congregation for input and affirmation. We want everyone at City of Light to know where our giving is going and why so that we all believe in what we are giving toward.

At City of Light, we take financial accountability seriously as we seek to invest every gift given to helping people find a new day in Jesus. If you have any questions about how money is spent or what accountability structures we have in place, please ask a parish council member or email 


We will also explain Casey Solgos' upcoming ordination, Lord willing, on April 28, the McMaken's recommended sabbatical this summer, and have time for Q & A. 

Parish Council

Cory Whitehead, Mark Peterson, Margaret Philbrick, Erika Solgos, Trevor McMaken