City of Light Turns 5!

  •  Sunday October 18, 2020

Beloved City of Light (and friends of City of Light),

City of Light turns 5 on October 18! The Lord has been so faithful. Even in this season of grief and loss, we can see his hand sustaining us as he continues to shine his gospel light into our hearts, our neighborhoods, and the world. We give him the glory! 

Would you celebrate his faithfulness with us in the following two ways? (details below)

1. Contribute to a birthday Video
2. Join us for a birthday picnic on 10/18

Peace of the Lord,
Pastor Bonnie McMaken

Join Us for a Birthday Picnic

When: Sunday, October 18
Time: 1-3pm
Where: McCullough Park
Bring your own lunch, blankets/chairs, and a mask and hang out with us as we celebrate City of Light's 5th birthday!
We will provide drinks, desserts, and lawn games. See you there!

Contribute to a Birthday Video!

If you've EVER been a part of City of Light (now, in the past, or from afar):

We're creating a video of the Scripture passage that the Lord gave us from the beginning: Isaiah 60. It will include clips of you all, photos, and music. We want to see YOUR beautiful faces and hear YOUR beautiful voices. 

1. Take a video (horizontal on your phone or computer) of you, your kids, your household, reciting Isaiah 60. ANY translation. ANY language (in fact, if you DO speak another language, would you do it or part of it in that language? You could even make two versions for me, which would be amazing). 

Get creative! This means artwork, props, lanterns, costumes, puppets, doing it outdoors, in a tree, downtown among buildings, on a rooftop, etc. 

Got kids? If they can't read the whole thing, just have them memorize a verse or a phrase! We had some kids do this for the John 15 video and it was the BEST.

2. Save the video to this Dropbox folderThe deadline is October 11. I will be sending out a reminder before then. 

3. Watch for that video to premiere on social media and in our newsletter the week of October 18!